Ascension is the process by which a material being becomes a powerful spiritual being no longer bound to the rules of physical matter. Most beings that ascend are those who are strongly connected to the Source and possess a high degree of sapience and willpower. Sometimes a being can ascend using advanced technology or the help of another ascending being. One can also ascend by devoting oneself to either the Elder Council, the Archdevils, or the gods of the Outlands.

When a being ascends, their Super Weight increases. Beings who had a Super Weight of 0-3 usually gain a Super Weight level of 4, while beings with a Hyper Weight gain one level. In some cases, beings are able to ascend to a level of 6, although the process most often either kills them or causes them to go insane.

On occasion, ascended beings will choose to be reincarnated. These individuals are reborn in the material plane with no memories of their past lives except for vague dreams. Under the right circumstances, memories of past lives can be reactivated such as by encountering past loves or taking certain drugs.