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Disney Earth is a world similar to Megacrossover Earth, but the laws of narrative causality tend to bend closer to a struggle between "good" and "evil". This makes it a major arena for the Elder Council-Archdevils conflict. Beings whose counterparts are neutral on other worlds tend to take sides. The side a person takes is based on how much divine light can be found in their astral hearts. Beings with enough divine light generally take the side of the Elder Council, while those with very little light choose to align with the Archdevils.

Although most beings can be tempted by the Archdevils, there are a few key individuals known as the Princesses of Heart who possess enough divine light to be immune to their influence. They tend to be either born into royalty or destined to marry someone of royal birth and, for some unknown reason, all female. Princesses of Heart often have special abilities such as empathy and animal communication. Their tendency to calm others and enhance moral character has made them common targets for the Archdevils.

Sentient Animals[]

Most animals on Disney Earth are sentient or near-sentient, although they are normally incapable human speech with humans. Each biological family has its own separate language, but the magic of their world enables them to understand each other. Smaller animals such as mice or lizards tend to wear clothes, although humans fail to notice this. A few humans are able to understand animal speech, although this oddly does not motivate them to become vegetarians or speak out against animal enslavement.

One secret organization that employs animals is the OWCA (Organization Without a Cool Acronym). It usually raises at an early age and sells them to families with potential agents for the Elder Council. OWCA agents are often sent on missions to fight villains who might harm their owners, directly or indirectly.

Works set on Disney Earth[]

  • Most works in the Disney Animated Canon
  • Gargoyles
  • Gravity Falls
  • Kim Possible
  • Phineas and Ferb