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One of many, many Earths.

There are many different versions of the planet Earth in the multiverse. In most of them, humans are the dominant species, but there are others where humans never existed or are just one of many sentient species.

List of Notable Earths

  • Earth-Prime A world more or less identical to real life Earth. The only major difference is that people from this world can travel to other universes and vice versa.
  • Megacrossover Earth A version of Earth where most characters from literature, television, comics, and video games occupy the same reality.
  • Toon Earth An Earth where various Western cartoon characters are real.
  • Youtube Earth This Earth is where most online webseries take place.
  • Adult Swim Earth The Earth of cartoons intended towards adults and older teenagers.
  • Disney Earth The Earth portrayed in the majority of the animated Disney canon.
  • Doctor Who Earth The Earth seen in Doctor Who and its various spinoffs.
  • Flintstone Earth An Earth where dinosaurs exist in the same time frame as humans. The Stone Age has never ended, but that has not prevented the creation of a flourishing civilization.
  • Robot Chicken Earth This Earth resembles Megacrossover Earth, but everything runs under the rule of funny and many popular tropes are deconstructed.
  • DC Earth This world is where most works published by DC Comics since 1985 take place. It was merged from five parallel Earths duing the Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  • Marvel Earth The primary setting of Marvel Comics.
  • Power Rangers Earth The homeworld of the various Power Rangers teams.
  • Dragonball Earth The setting of the Dragonball series.
  • Fire and Ice Earth The setting of the Fire and Ice series.
  • Pokémon Earth The Earth seen in the Pokémon games and anime.
  • Oz Earth The setting of the Oz books.
  • Equestria Earth The setting of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • Webcomic Earth The setting of most online comics.


  • Many details on these alternate Earths come from the TV Crossover blog and the Family Guy episode "Road to the Multiverse."