The Earth seen from Apollo 17

Earth-Prime is not the world of real life, but it is close enough that all history books are 99% identical to ours. The only key exception is that all fiction writers and artists are subconsciously aware of alternate realities. Most, if not all, works of fiction describe events that have occurred or yet to occur somewhere in the multiverse, although they are not always completely accurate. This includes badly written fan fiction, which is generally less reliable than that written by decent professional writers.

Narrative causality is largely nonexistent here. Meaning and purpose comes from people's interpretation of themselves and reality. However, members of the SCP Foundation, an organization founded to collect all paranormal objects and beings on Earth, have discovered that events can be made to follow the rules of fiction as long as there is a camera present and that the subjects are familiar with such rules. The website TV Tropes was created to gather knowledge of the tropes of fiction so that the Foundation could experiment with them.

Works largely based on real life events are set here along with legends that might be true in the real world. For example, there was a real British hero named Arthur, but he was a Celtic chieftain who fought against the Anglo-Saxons and never held the title "king." There was also a real Trojan War, but the Trojans were defeated with a battering ram that resembled a horse.

Earth-Prime was destroyed during the so-called Crisis on Infinite Earths, but immediately restored by Eru. The universe containing Earth-Prime was then hidden from the rest of the multiverse so that none could touch it, not even the most powerful gods themselves. A version of Clark Kent calling himself Superboy-Prime managed to survive its destruction. However, he was not permitted to return until about twenty years after he believed that his home world was destroyed.

Works set on Earth-PrimeEdit

  • Movies and books based almost entirely on real-life events
  • The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (barring any explicitly supernatural events)
  • Speculative documentaries such as Walking with Dinosaurs
  • Any depiction of Earth-Prime in DC Comics
  • The "real world" scenes in To Boldy Flee
  • Echo Chamber
  • SCP Foundation wiki