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The Great Old Ones are a faction of ancient powerful beings led by the Outer Gods originating from the planet Yuggoth, located in the Abyss, a plane located at the center of the multiverse. They are said to be the first living beings created by The Creator, but were rejected for being too destructive and imprisoned in the Abyss. They are generally disdainful of Eru and his later creations, with many wishing for nothing but their utter annihilation. Most of them worship Azathoth, believing it to be the true creator of the multiverse.

Billions of years prior to the Big Bang, several Great Old Ones under the leadership of the Outer God Nyarlathotep invaded the Upper Planes, home to the Elder Gods. This led to a war between the two factions that lasted many millenia. It was this event that corrupted many of the Elder Gods into the first devils. The war ended when Nyarlathotep instructed the Great Old Ones to retreat, promising them that the conflict between the Elder Gods and the devils would lead to the destruction of both sides.

350 million years ago, the Great Old Ones claimed several worlds in the material planes lacking sapient life as their own, including Megacrossover Earth. When it became clear that they were impending evolution on their colonized worlds, the Elder Gods imprisoned them deep inside the planets that they invaded. The Elder Gods then proceeded to block all knowledge of the Great Old Ones, believing that it would lead to insanity. Despite this, many sapients learned of the Great Old Ones millions of years later and began worshipping them.

Known Great Old Ones[]

  • The Firebird, sealed in a volcano on Disney Earth.
  • Hastur, sealed in Carcosa on a planet near Aldebaran.
  • Khyber, sealed in Eberron.
  • The Queen of Chaos, sealed in the Steaming Fens of the Abyss.