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Heaven is the home of the Elder Gods and all ascended beings in their service. They are composed of Source energy and are shaped by the ideas and philosophies of sapient beings. Each plane is divided into several layers that represent a single theme or philosophy.

List of Upper PlanesEdit

  • Elysium The plane of peace and incorruptible goodness. The Elder Council's headquarters are located here.
  • The Beastlands The plane of idealized nature. It is home to those dedicated to protecting the environment and non-sentient beings.
  • Arborea The plane of passion and abundance.
  • Ysgard The plane of heroism and struggle against evil. Those who died in battle to save innocent beings usually end up here.
  • Arcadia The plane of harmony and discipline. Everything here is planned perfectly, but visitors often feel that the place is rather dull.
  • Mount Celestia The plane of social justice. Its inhabitants believe in the power of government and religion to improve society.
  • Bytopia The plane of hard work and craftmanship.