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The Holy Grail bloodline refers to line of protectors of the Holy Grail on Megacrossover Earth and their direct heirs. The protectors of the Holy Grail were descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene through their daughter Sarah and resided in Corbenic Castle in Britain. The role of protector has historically been by agnatic primogeniture and currently belongs to members of the Sinclair/Saint-Clare family, which is located primarily in France and the English-speaking world, although there are cadet branches worldwide.

After the Anglo-Saxons captured Corbenic Castle and slaughtered most members of the bloodline in the sixth century, Sir Galahad brought the Grail to a monastery in Iona. Members of the family were sent to the monastery as paladins to protect the monastery. The Grail stayed safe until the place was sacked by Vikings three centuries later.

Shortly after the First Crusade, three brothers descended from the from the Holy Grail bloodline discovered the Grail in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon and decided to protect it.

Jesus to Sir GalahadEdit

  1. Jesus (Yeshua ben-Yosef) d. 33
  2. Sarah (m. Potitus of Gaul)
  3. Josephes
  4. Aminadab
  5. Catheloys
  6. Manael
  7. Anfortas
  8. Frotmund
  9. Laziliez
  10. Nascien I
  11. Celedoin
  12. Nascien II
  13. Lambor
  14. Pelles
  15. Elayne
  16. Galahad d. 567

Link to European RoyaltyEdit

Hatilde, daughter of Laziliez married Frankish leader Marcomer. Her great-grandson Merovech was the ancestor of the Merovingian dynasty, from whom all European royalty can claim descent.