Magic is an aspect of the Source that alters sapient beings to alter reality through spells. There are two primary forms of magic: arcane magic, which comes from background Source energy, and divine magic, which is derived from gods or devils. A third type of magic, incarnum, can be derived from soul energy, which comes from dead or living spirits. As beings of Source energy, Elder Gods and Archdevils are able to use all three types of magic.

In universes where magic is real, all physical matter contains some amount of magical energy. When a wizard casts a spell, they are issuing a command to an object's magical field. Most life-forms produce magical energy, although very few are naturally able to use it.

Types of MagicEdit

Arcane magic (magia) is cast by wizards and members of inherently magical species. Its spells are cast using specific words and gestures that depend on one's home plane and attunement to the Source. The ability to cast arcane magic is directly linked to one's sapience level.

Divine magic (goetica) is cast by clerics serving a patron deity, usually one of the Elder God, although a few get their ability to cast magic from Outer Gods. Cleric spells are normally used to heal or harm others, enhance abilities, and acquire blessings. The ability to cast divine magic is aided by a state of meditation.