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Megacrossover Earth is a world where the events of most works of fiction from ancient epics to classic novels to modern television shows and video games have actually occured. This world has very strong narrative causality and is a major battleground between in the Elder Council-Archdevils conflict.

One important difference between Megacrossover Earth and Earth-Prime is that normal baseline humans are not alone on their planet. They share it with metahumans, wizards, vampires, werebeasts, artificial humans, intelligent robots, and extraterrestrial visitors. Most of these beings are able to pose as normal humans although a few believe that their people should rule the world.

Early 21st century[]

During the early twentieth-first century, the level technology was a bit higher than it was on Earth-Prime. This is largely due to the work of superintelligent inventors such as Tom Swift, Tony Stark and Reed Richards. Interplanetary travel, cryogenics, and human cloning  were all possible, but not common enough to change everyday life. Great advances in medicine have been made, curing such problems as cancer and senility. Artificial intelligence exists, although sapient computers and robots still have not been granted legal personhood.

Earth was in contact with a number of extraterrestrial civilizations, but had been denied access to FTL travel as Elder Council-aligned alien races felt that human civilization was not "psychologically mature" enough. It was not until the late twenty-first century that humans were allowed to leave the Solar System.

The main political power of this time was the CoDominium, formed from an alliance between the United States, Western Europe, and Russia. After the attack of the World Trade Center by Islamic terrorists in 2001, it had become increasingly authoritarian and paranoid, although superhero groups such as the Justice League of America were still tolerated.

A supernatural force known as The Veil separates the mundane and esoteric world. In the esoteric world, magic and super-powers are common, but most mundane people remain unaware of them. The Veil was put into place by The Creator.

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  • This is a mostly original-source world, so original works take precedence over adaptations. For example, where the Harry Potter books and movies disagree, the books take precedence. Exceptions can be made if the deriative work is considered superior to the original.
  • In some cases, remakes will be treated as alternate versions of the same story such as the 2005 King Kong and the Battlestar Galactica re-imagining.