A view of the multiverse.

The known multiverse was brought into existence by The Creator using a power known as the Source. It contains billions of universes that often operate under different laws of physics, magic, and narrative causality. The region outside the multiverse is known as the Void.

Most universes are home to beings composed of matter who subject to the cycle of birth, death, and reincarnation. Sapient humanoids are very common. Some of these universes are also home to different versions of the planet Earth.

All sapient life in the universe is monitored by the eldila dwelling in Heaven. Most of them see it as their moral duty to monitor the evolution of sapient beings and protect them from hostile forces. They are currently involved with a multiverse-spanning conflict with the Archdemons, a group of powerful eldila from Hell who wish to conquer the multiverse and enslave the inhabitants of the material planes.

At the edge of each universe is the Source Wall, which keeps out the raw Source energy used by The Creator to create new universes. The reason for this is so that unwanted Source energy does not interfere with The Creator's projects. Because of this, the amount of Source energy in the multiverse is subject to entropy and will eventually run out in many trillions of years.

Interdimensional TravelEdit

Travel from one universe to another is possible, but very difficult. The most common method is creating a wormhole connecting two points in separate universes. Creating a wormhole large enough for a human-sized being to travel through involves an extremely large amount of energy and usually requires advanced technology or a powerful psychic mind. Normally, wormholes are unstable, but some beings have been successful in building permanent bridges between universes.

A few beings are world-jumpers, able to travel from one universe to another. In most cases, it is subconscious and can only be activated in times of emotional stress. Under careful training, they can be taught to travel across the universe at will. Both the Elder Council and the Archdemons keep a watchful eye over those that can control their ability to jump worlds.


The known multiverse is said to be only a small part of the omniverse, the sum total of all reality. Other multiverses with their own creators are thought to exist. Some say that the omniverse is presided over by a higher being than The Creator, but this has yet to be verified.


  • The concept of the Source Wall comes from DC Comics. This wiki assumes that the DC Universe is not unique in having one.