The World of Narnia is a flat planet created by the Elder God Aslan that has been visited by humans from Megacrossover Earth throughout key points in its history. It is a counterpart of the True Narnia, which is located in the plane of Elysium. Since it is located inside of a pocket universe instead of a large-scale universe, time usually runs much faster, but not always at a constant pace. It is named after its most famous nation, Narnia, and many visitors refer to the whole world as the "world of Narnia". Native inhabitants include talking animals, satyrs, centaurs, giants, and dwarves.

The first beings to visit Narnia were the cab driver Frank Ransom, the occultist Andrew Ketterly, the witch Jadis, and the two children Diggory Kirke and Polly Plummer, and the horse Strawberry. Frank chose to stay in Narnia, where he became the first king. His wife Helen was summoned from her home to become his queen.

The descendants of Frank and Helen intermarried with the humanoid native inhabitants of Narnia and became progressively less human. After nearly a millennium, the royal family was overthrown by Jadis, who led a rebellion of Narnians that were convinced that they were no longer qualified to be Narnia's rulers. Jadis placed Narnia under a spell of ever-lasting winter. Her reign ended when she was overthrown by the Pevensie children, who succeeded her as rulers of Narnia.

After 2550 years of existence, the destruction of Narnia began when the ape Shift made an alliance with the Archdevil Tash to fool Narnia's inhabitants into thinking that the donkey Puzzle was Aslan. Tash, with the aid of the Calormen, proceeded to conquer the world. In response, the land of Narnia's last ruler, Tirian, led the true followers of Aslan through a stable that led to True Narnia. The sleeping giant Father Time then rose and froze the world, ending all life on the planet.