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The Night People (Homo sapiens monstrosus) are the descendants of lilim, daughters of the Jinn Lilith, who intermarried with daylight people. Unlike baseline humans, they are primarily nocturnal and have life-spans lasting centuries or millennia. The majority of them find sunlight and warm temperatures uncomfortable. Most of them appear identical to normal humans except for pale or oddly-colored skin and occasional unusual features such as horns or pointed ears.

Many breeds of Night People see humanity as a source of food and often feed on flesh and life energy. A few prefer to stick to non-sapient creatures, although they don't give as much sustenance. The flesh of the recently dead is preferable as it contains the right amount of life energy to keep them moving. Those that prey on humans have included many of the monsters of legend, including vampires, werebeasts, and ghouls.

The majority of Night People are either neutral in the Elder Council-Archdevils conflict or affiliated with the Archdevils, depending on their abilities to control their supernatural hungers. It is rare for the Elder Council to employ night people although there have a few exceptions, including mad scientists that manage to avoid insanity and werebeasts that are able to control their beast forms.

The more benign night people discourage marriage between their kind and baseline humans as night people who live too much with "normals" tend to lose their paranormal nature. However, they are fine with relationships with wizards and mad scientists.


  • Examples of non-predatory Night People include the Addams Family and the Family from Ray Bradbury's From the Dust Returned.