A Super Weight the a level of an entity's abilities in comparison to most humans and similar-sized beings. There are a total of nine Super Weight types, from -1 (physical weakling) to 7 (physically omnipotent). One's Super Weight is usually determined by their physical strength and connection to the Source.

List of beings by their Super WeightEdit

  • Type -1 (Fragile Weight) The physically handicapped, human children, wingless pixies, smaller anthros.
  • Type 0 (Mundane Weight) Normal humans, dwarves, orcs, winged pixies, human-sized anthros, merfolk.
  • Type 1 (Iron Weight) Highly skilled humans, untrained wizards, most elves, larger anthros, trolls, minor undead.
  • Type 2 (Abnormal Weight) Low-level metahumans, cyborgs, armed robots, most clerics, partially trained wizards, High Elves, werebeasts, normal giants, centaurs, most unicorns, pegasi, griffins, mid-level undead.
  • Type 3 (Super Weight) Most demigods, mid-level metahumans, giant robots, high-level clerics, fully trained wizards, fae royalty, larger giants, younger dragons, winged unicorns, major undead.
  • Type 4 (Hyper Weight) Most Younger Gods, minor eldila, powerful demigods, ascended beings, high-level metahumans, very powerful wizards, older dragons, most kaiju, living spaceships, liches.
  • Type 5 (World Weight) High-ranking Younger Gods, major eldila, devils, dragon lords, Great Old Ones, planetary spirits, godlike AIs.
  • Type 6 (Cosmic Weight) Maleldil, AsmodeusAzathoth, Yog-Sothoth, other overdeities, the Anti-Monitor.
  • Type 7 (Omnipotent Weight) The CreatorThe Source.