Eru as he appears to humanoid beings.


The Creator, also known as the Star-maker, is the overdeity responsible for the creation of the multiverse through a power known as the Source . This being is known on Earth by many names including Eru Ilúvatar, El, Phanes, Brahman, Ahura Mazda, Alfadur, Pangu, and Tonacatecuhtli. Some occultists classify him as an overdeity because of his origins in the Void and ability to bring entire universes into existence. Eru does not demand worship, but is seen as the supreme deity by many religions throughout the multiverse. His primary motivation for creating the multiverse appears to be for artistic reasons and believes that pleasure must be balanced with suffering.

It is said by some that The Creator simply emerged into existence from the Void untold eons before the creation of Megacrossover Earth's universe. Others have said that The Creator was a mortal being once who was granted omnipotence by the creator of his own universe. It is agreed among the eldila that The Creator had and will eventually have an end, although the full details are unknown.

The eldila claim that 20 billion years ago, The Creator discarded his more destructive aspects, which became the overdeity Azathoth. Unlike The Creator, Azathoth is not a fully sentient being and has no interest in life. Despite its lack of sentience, it is worshipped by many relatively lesser beings in the Void. They insist that Azathoth is the true creator of the multiverse and the eldila's creator is an imposter.

On occasion, The Creator will take the spirits of recently deceased beings with high intelligence and take them into the Void so that he can study their minds and observe their attempts to manipulate the Source. Many of them have become powerful to create their own pocket universes, where they are allowed to shape life as they see fit. However, contact with beings in The Creator's multiverse is forbidden as that would interfere with The Creator's plans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The Creator is capable of creating new large-scale universes and manipulating them to his will. He is also virtually omnisicent within the boundaries of his own creation.


Although The Creator is nigh-omnipotent, he is ultimately mortal. It is unknown when he will die, but it is said that his death will not occur for quadrillions of years.


  • The Creator is the capital-G God as far as this wiki is concerned. He is a composite entity that takes elements from J.R.R. Tolkien's Eru Ilúvatar, Olaf Stapledon's Star-maker, and the Voice in Isaac Asimov's short story "The Last Answer."
  • This wiki assumes that Deism is correct in the sense that the creator of the universe generally does not interfere with his creations.