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A Toon is a native inhabitant of the universe containing Toon Earth, a world where narrative causality runs on the "Rule of Funny" and beings are able to survive events that would kill similar beings from other realities. For them, having a great sense of humor is seen as a virtue. Their world contains portals to a shadow of Earth-Prime, where many of them have been employed as actors and comedians. The majority of toons are human, although many anthropomorphic animal Toons exist.

Toons commonly have access to a power known as Toon Physics, which enables them to perform seemingly impossible feats, even in other universes. The ability to use Toon Physics is directly proportional to a Toon's sense of humor. Powerful Toons tend to possess traits and abilities such as immortality, teleportation, dream manipulation, and super strength. If an outsider spends enough time on Toon Earth, they may gain access to Toon Physics and in essence become a Toon.

In the early 1900s, a mysterious reality quake opened portals to an alternate version of Earth-Prime. When the inhabitants of Toon Earth visited the alternate universe, they were surprised at how different it was. Here, they were dubbed "toons" due to their resemblance to cartoon depictions of humans and animals. Initially, they were given menial jobs until Hollywood producers recognized the toons' comedic appeal.

Despite the Toons' popularity as actors, they still suffered discrimination for most of the twentieth century. Many tried to alleviate their status using a potion called Toon Tonic to become indistinguishable from humans native to Megacrossover Earth. Although they were now physically normal, they still retained their eccentric behaviors and managed to pass them down to their descendants. Famous offspring of transformed Toons include singer Weird Al Yankovic, actor Jim Carrey, and comedian Johnny Knoxville.

Toons have been very useful for the Elder Council in their war against the Archdevils as Toon agents are naturally very willing to fight for laughter and happiness. The Archdevils and their followers generally avoid Toon Physics as they dislike humor in general, although some make an exception for overly sadistic behavior that they consider humorous. Although Archdevil clients exist among Toons, they are usually overpowered by those aligned with the Elder Council.