An older male wizard

A wizard (Homo sapiens magi) is a member of a normally non-magical species who possesses the ability to cast magic spells. The term is often used only for male magic-users, but it can apply to both genders. Female wizards are usually called witches.

Most of Megacrossover Earth's human wizards are members of Homo sapiens magus, a subspecies that emerged in Atlantis 20,000 years before the Information Age. In addition to magical abilities, they have longer life-spans and can percieve supernatural beings that are normally invisible to human eyes.

A few human wizards gain their magical abilities from the Archdevils or the Great Old Ones, usually by making a deal in exchange for the souls of living beings. Any powers they gain are considered dark magic by born wizards and are seen as evil and unnatural.

In ancient times, wizards worshipped either Hecate, goddess of witchcraft one of under her many guises or the Valar. Today, most wizards are usually members of more mainstream religions, although some have formed odd variations to suit their attitudes towards non-magical humans.

After centuries of persecution, the world's wizards formed their own hidden society in the early 1600s. Most non-magical humans, which they call "muggles", are unaware that they continue to exist. Exceptions include high-ranking government members and close relatives of muggle-born children. Some metahuman organizations are aware of wizards' existence, respect their desire for secrecy.

Prior to the twentieth century, racism against muggles was very common among wizards. This included shunning of any form of muggle technology, which was considered to be only fit for those who had no magical abilities. During the twentieth century, attitudes towards non-magical humans changed when some realized that combining magic with muggle technology and culture could bring beneficial results. In the twenty-first century, it was not uncommon to for younger wizards to participate in muggle elections or have pages on Facebook.