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Youtube Earth is the world as depicted on humorous YouTube videos and satirical websites such as College Humor. It superficially resembles Earth-Prime, but the rules of narrative causality tend to favor humor and fantastic elements in an otherwise normal world. Heads of state may have literal superpowers, ancient mystical items of mass destruction can be sold on eBay, and sufficient studying of popular science fiction shows would make an otherwise average person a qualified astronaut.

Despite this world's odd nature, most people and events on YouTube Earth remain the same as their Earth-Prime counterparts. Visitors from Megacrossover Earth have determined that this world operates under a Law of Conservation of Normality: "No matter what else gets changed, and no matter how irreversible those changes are, basic societal practices and mores will remain the same."

Like other worlds, this Earth has a group of people destined to protect their world from the Archdevils' influences. This team, led by Doug "The Nostalgia Critic" Walker, was organized behind the scenes by their world's Jesus under the guise of "Santa Christ". Although they are generaly reluctant to become heroes, they are perfectly fine protecting people by reviewing bad movies, comic books, and video games on the website That Guy With The Glasses. The Elder Council finds them useful due to their awareness of common rules in narrative causality.

Works set on YouTube Earth[]